Although my birth name is Helena and I was born in Belgium, I feel my path in life started when I was called Ganga by my friend and teacher Swami Vishnudevananda in 1973 in Nassau.
And although the time of genuine gurus and baba’s seems to have disappeared I feel I am very fortunate to have lived with one.

It took me 34 years, wandering through this world as Yoga teacher, manager of yoga ashram, organic farmer, owner of a health food shop, massage therapist, wife, friend, co-parent, social worker,… to finally reach a point where “Ganga or Helena” doesn’t matter any more.

I found my point of focus in this world in something I enjoy doing most of all: painting on silk. 

I feel at peace, while painting it connects me to my inner Self.
I currently work from my home in Portugal.

Some of the paintings I created myself.
Others are inspired by pictures people have sent me, as an example of what they had in mind for their meditation rooms, yoga centers or to decorate their living spaces.



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  1. Dear beautiful Ganga, or Helena, the name is not important. I have known you for 33 years and have always felt that your energy is “alive and well”. Long periods pass without comunication. I seem to look for you when I need strength, and I know that you are there. I am so impressed by your work, I don’t know what to say. You are able to transcend the countless time, to capture the color and energy of those Indian and Tibetan manifestations of spirit. Thank you for letting me be with you in your creations. with love, Yvonne

  2. Om Blessed Self, I have just today discovered how to get into your site and see your beautiful smile. How it brings back memories. We are both so blessed to have spent time with Swami Vishnu and to have lived in the ashrams. Your paintings show the beauty of your soul and they are proof of the many lifetimes that you have lived. Just looking at your smile makes me want to laugh and laugh with the joy of blss and knowledge. Radha

  3. Greetings Ganga,
    Yes, this is Ramachandra, how beautiful to receive your message and radiating essence.Your journey to yourself and the light is only you as I embraced you (yet to unfold) at the Yoga Retreat at the feet of our wonderful Swami Vishnu. After taking the 1978 ATTC in Nssau I went up to Val Morin to help Swami Shankarananda rebuild the meditation hall. I was close to becoming a renunciate when I met my wife Martha. We live in Vermont in a small house that we built and raised a son ,Spruce, who is now 27 years old. I did not plan it but it happened and he has been and is a great joy.
    I find my self in tending my conifer nursery and creating landscapes. That is as close as I get to meditation. I do not have a regular practice, yet I belong to a Shambhala group here that Martha helps direct.I also have a small real estate business that has helped sustain us financially over the years. I am trying to live simply and respect the Earth. Most years Martha and I , and many times Spruce, spend 2-3 weeks at the Retreat to get away from the Vermont winter, although I love to snowboard. It really is a meditation in beauty.
    I had not been in touch with Radha for some time but a few weeks ago I met one of her friends at the Retreat and e-mailed her thus her blessing of connecting you with me.
    Yes, you look the same, the soul never changes and you look as beautiful as ever. Peace and love Ramachandra

  4. The paintings have come from another lifetime. Very beautiful. I laughed at you one day, that you had to iron all of Swamiji’s clothing. His upper cloth was cut up and given out all over the world. Neyyar dam had people from 32 countries ! Thanks for that Prasad. You said, at the time now there is one left. That went all over the country. Come the the Vishnudevananda reunion USA June 2009. http://www.japanesemassage.net The Vishnudevananda world is ready to hear you chant Jaya Ganesha …
    Best to you and your work,


  5. Dear Ganga/Helena

    I am a professor and musician, and while working on a CD entitled “Radha” (the title song is inspired by the love story of Krishna and Radha, and is dedicated to their love as we can express it in our lives), and strangely, when I entitled my CD “Radha,” your silk painting of Krishna/Radha spontaneously embedded itself into my MP3 player as the photoart for the CD. I find myself contemplating the picture as I listen to the music, and others who see the picture often admire its simple beauty.

    Given this context, I am asking your permission to perhaps use the piece as part of the artwork for the CD. I would be glad to email you the song itself, and more about my reasons for writing it, as well as about the nature and purpose of the whole CD. There are, as you know, countless images of Krishna and Radha, but there is something very striking about yours that seems to go with the music.

    One more thing. The final reason I decided to find the artwork (I had no idea where the computer got it) and write you came today when I was sitting at my desk at work. I have a picture of George Harrison on my filing cabinet, and suddenly I realized (for the first time) that he was wearing a small button with the image of Radha and Krishna, one remarkably similar to yours.

    You should have my contact email as a result of my sending this. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Namaste Om Radha Krishna namaha Om

  6. Dear Ganga/Helena

    I came across your beautiful paintings on a google search for images of Atisha.
    I would like permission to use the Atisha image on our website (with a link back to here and credit given)I have taken the liberty of using it (See link)so you can see the context it is being used in.
    I will of course imediatley remove it if this request is not acceptable.
    Yours in loving kindness
    Steve Brailsford

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