Vishnu Garuda

The story of Garuda’s birth and deeds is told in the first book of the great epic Mahabharata According to the epic, when Garuda first burst forth from his egg, he appeared as a raging inferno equal to the cosmic conflagration that consumes the world at the end of every age. Frightened, the gods begged him for mercy. Garuda, hearing their plea, reduced himself in size and energy.


2 thoughts on “Vishnu Garuda

  1. Chère Leen,
    Toute ta beauté intérieure se retrouve dans tes oeuvres. Cela touche l’âme de celui qui les regarde. Merci pour ce partage.

  2. Dag Helena,

    Deze wonderlijke vogel deed mij even aan Breugel en Bosch denken ; gefeliciteerd met je wondermooie webstek. Veel succes !

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